Dinner By Design 2015




Topographic maps have inspired us to observe our surroundings closely like a jeweler with a magnifying loupe in his hand. We live in an environment where man-made structures intercept with nature, making the organic landscape imperfect yet intriguing to experience. In this “man vs. nature” terrain, we find beauty in the perfectly imperfect and manifest it in a rhythmical dining space.

A mix of natural and artificial materials, such as wood, ceramic, leather, Corian, and felt, is used to capture the dichotomous relationship between humans and nature. The raw materials were then transformed into utilitarian products using both traditional handcrafting methods and the latest 3D-printing technology. The repeated lines, shapes, and forms found in the dining space are the our unique interpretation of the environment.


Loupe was also exhibited at IDS West 2015. Featured on design milk.

Notae Studio collaborated with VDB in creating a table scape for The Social Concierge's Monogram Dinner By Design 2015, a two day event that features 12x12x12' theme-based dining spaces created by local designers and architects. We were the lead designers and project managers for the exhibit.