Notae Studio collaborated with RETROSUPERFUTURE in creating two collections, developing some new shapes such as the Giaguaro, América and Panama. These designs are inspired from iconic shapes of the past, revisited with the modern twist and details typical of the brand. Using luxurious acetate from Italy and the best lenses on the market along with the Italian craftsmanship we were able to create a series of outstanding products.

Concentrating on the heritage of eyewear making – celebrating the past while looking towards the future, Super has taken research and development to a whole new level. Visible in the extensive combinations and color palette without losing sight of its origins as a brand. What super acquires in maturity of the product it has maintained in freshness and spontaneity, qualities so true to this brand’s unique approach to design. The air Super breathes is vaguely nostalgic never overpowering in its contemporary nature. The Panamá is a kaleidoscopic encounter between tradition and history, a breaking point between old and new. The América is a timeless re-modelling of a cult design, with equal parts ‘90s and ‘50s. This model invokes a particular Americana: jukeboxes, Cadillac and Johnny Cash, seen through the lens of a 90’s Wrigley’s commercial. A solid silhouette with sturdy arms, with a clean rectangular shape.